We’re committed to sustainable practices in each home we design, build or remodel.


Our philosophy is simple, straightforward and summed up in three words-Personal, Responsible, Exceptional. It's not just a concept we talk about. It's one we live and breathe.


We found a better way to build. It's personal. We focus intently on you, the client, to create a home that suits your lifestyle and reflects your individual tastes.

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Everyone on the Carmel Building & Design team was down to earth and we were very comfortable
working with them.—Beth and Cole E., Carmel

We have worked with Carmel Building & Design on a number of projects. They are a pleasure to work with and we always had a positive experience. —Larry and Sharon B., Carmel Valley

Ultimately, the contractor relationship has to be based on trust regardless of how carefully you craft the agreement. Trust was a big factor in our selection of Rob. Our trust was rewarded with a comfortable process that was always collaborative and positive. This trustworthiness is also evidenced by the long-term relationships Rob has with employees and sub-contractors. Years later, many of the sub-contractors are still in business and are available whenever we need additional services. —Roger and Sarah P., Quail Meadows

Our home was built several years ago to efficiency standards that were well ahead of the times. We had an “energy assessment” in 2013 and were pleased to learn that our home is performing at a level that would pass the current, more stringent standards. —Niels and Jan R., Carmel