Progressive Building Practices

We’ve learned through experience that progressive building practices like Passive House result in a home that’s better for the homeowners, and for the planet. Explore how sustainably built homes provide healthier indoor air quality, quiet, durability, energy and water conservation and lower related costs, even higher resale value. And we think it’s simply the right thing to do.

Exceptional Home. Exceptional Experience.

At Carmel Building & Design, we’ve found a better way to build. It’s personal. We focus intently on you, the client, to create a home that suits your lifestyle and reflects your individual tastes. It’s responsible. Our design principles and building practices incorporate environmentally mindful features that improve indoor air quality, enhance value, reduce energy and maintenance costs and are easy on the planet. It’s exceptional. We focus on quality in both your home and your experience.

Custom Design/Build Services

Good design is the foundation of a great home, and a smooth process. And craftsmanship is at the heart of our company philosophy. Whether or not we’re following a specific set of guidelines such as Passive House, we always build in a way that reduces waste in materials, resources, energy and water. And results in the home you envision.

NAPHN17 Passive + Renewables

The building industry’s role in addressing climate change is no longer in question. Passive House offers a clear and reliable road map to meeting and exceeding carbon reduction mandates. That’s why the North American Passive House Network is bringing together thought leaders, climate scientists, innovators of technologies and systems, and design/build professionals from around the globe to learn, share and pump up the urgency for change at their local and state levels.

Flash sale for NAPHN17 Passive + Renewables tickets July 31 to August 4 (Click here)

We were living across the country while our home in Carmel was being built. Since the day-to-day communication was done through Basecamp, we were able to see pictures, get questions answered, respond to situations and make decisions. We felt informed, involved and in control throughout the whole process, and could not be more pleased with the result.—Mica and Laureen H., Carmel

We acquired some salvaged first-growth redwood bridge timbers. Rob managed the milling process and then used the resulting boards for the ceilings, cabinets, trim and doors in our bedrooms. The quality of the wood and the exceptional craftsmanship of Carmel Building and Design produced a spectacular result. —Larry B., Carmel Valley

When Jeff came to go through our “punch list” with us, he identified a couple of small things we had not noticed. He made sure those got handled too.* —Beth and Cole E., Carmel

Green building was pretty new when we initiated plans for our new home. From the beginning of the project, Rob explained the value and encouraged us to incorporate measures to improve the home’s energy performance. We’re glad we followed his advice. It not only paid off in terms of energy efficiency, but also in the comfort of the home. It’s cool on the hottest days and warm on the coldest and windiest days, and the temperature is consistent throughout. -Roger and Sarah P., Quail Meadows