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Over our 20+-year history, we’ve developed and refined a process that continues to result in elegantly crafted homes and a long list of satisfied clients. We follow industry standard processes for meeting the requirements of planning and building departments, green certification documentation and the specifics of your project. The real differences lie in the way we think, how we work with you and our commitment to every project being personal, responsible and exceptional. The three phases—Planning Your Project, Building Your Home and Ensuring Your Satisfaction—illustrate the experience of working with Carmel Building & Design.

Phase I—Planning Your Project

Whether you opt to work with our designer, an architect or designer you’ve already chosen or want us to make recommendations, we will assemble a team that’s a perfect match for your project. Understanding your vision, needs, priorities, budget, timing and preferences, we’ll work together to make your home, and your experience, exceptional. We excel at listening and ask the right questions until we’re sure we understand precisely what you want. Then, we draw on our skill and passion to bring your vision to life.

We assign one of our seasoned site supervisors who will participate in discussions during the design, approval and budgeting processes and oversee your project from start to finish. For complex or highly technical projects, like Central California’s first Passive House, we hold a planning meeting with selected subcontractors, suppliers and consultants to ensure they understand the goals and special needs of the project. And we tap into each professional’s expertise early on to anticipate and meet challenges, and create a successful project.

Phase II—Building Your Home

With a well-thought-out plan that has been viewed from every angle, the construction phase gets underway. The craft and science of building is constantly evolving. Not only do we follow today’s most advanced practices, we stay ahead of new developments that will define quality homes of the future. CBD embraces techniques and technologies that enhance energy efficiency, indoor air quality and durability, reduce energy and maintenance costs and increase the value of your home. Our standard building practices are “green,” resulting in a better-built house with little or no added expense.

Communication during the project is critical not only to keep the project on track, but for your peace of mind. Whether you are local or from out of town, we keep you informed about your project in a number of ways. Many of our clients utilize our secure, web-based information-sharing tool where we post specifications, updates, photos and other project related information. You can check the status of your project, view comments from the team and communicate with us online, anytime, from anywhere. Of course, we’re always available in person, by phone or by email if that’s more your style. Throughout the project, we‘ll send you regular, itemized billings that include original documentation for all work and materials, and a summary of expenditures by budget item so you can see where every penny is spent.

Phase III—Ensuring Your Satisfaction

When you sign on with Carmel Building & Design, we make a personal commitment to provide you with the information you need to manage and enjoy your home. While it varies by type of project, we can provide everything from inspection cards and lien releases to a complete Homeowner’s Manual. And we back up our work with a hassle-free warranty service.

Because of the exceptional product and experience we provide, and the personal relationships our site supervisors develop with homeowners, many of our clients return to us for additional projects and recommend us to friends and family.