Monterey Bay Regional Climate Action Compact

It’s no secret that Carmel Building & Design is committed to building in a way that is beneficial to homeowners and the planet. We’ve long been advocates of design/build practices that reduce the energy demands of buildings, lowering related carbon emissions that lead to climate change. We’re putting our passion and commitment into action by joining with and supporting other organizations that are working diligently toward shared goals—increasing the supply of energy-efficient, affordable housing in our region (Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties) and lowering carbon emissions. Whether single or multi-family projects, we know from experience that buildings can require significantly less energy and rely increasingly on renewable energy, creating healthier indoor air quality and more durable structures.

This blog in our series highlights the Monterey Bay Regional Climate Action Compact (MBRCAC). This action-oriented network of government agencies, education institutions, private businesses, nonprofits and non-governmental organizations works collaboratively to address the causes and impacts of global climate change. The organization and its members focus on four primary objectives including 1) reducing regional greenhouse gas emissions; 2) supporting economic development and job creation and retention; 3) raising awareness of the impacts of climate change and provide related education; and 4) develop and support climate change adaptation strategies.

Since it formed in 2007, the Regional Climate Action Compact has been instrumental in establishing and supporting a number of community-based initiatives that spur economic vitality and reduce environmental impacts for the region, including:

  • Established the Monterey Bay Carbon Fund, generating $410,000 for two Solar for Schools projects
  • Instrumental in the realization of Monterey Bay Community Power serving Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties by purchasing or generating renewable energy resources on their behalf
  • Secured California Energy Commission grant funds for developing and implementing the statewide Energy Upgrade California whole-home retrofit program
  • Issued RFPs to Compact members that resulted in the installation of three electric vehicle charging stations in the region
  • Created Green Building Task Force and Green Building Ordinance templates
  • Expanded access to Zipcar (a car share program) in the greater Santa Cruz community
  • Holding semi-annual Regional Climate Change Summits that have brought community leaders, residents and businesses together to address climate change and the region’s response to the challenge

To learn more about the Monterey Bay Regional Climate Action Compact and how you can get involved, visit

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