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Ocean Vista Retreat

Views of the Pacific are framed by wall-to-wall windows on the ocean-facing side of this 2,981-square-foot home. Set in a cozy Carmel-by-the-Sea neighborhood, the home shares the same footprint as the 1980s structure that previously occupied the site. Distinctive ceiling angles lend a sense of spaciousness to the open design of the great room. Splashes of color and rich wood flooring bring the beauty of the natural surroundings into this 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath abode. An innovative radiant heat system warms both water and interior spaces, with settings manageable from remote using a smart phone or tablet. Effective air sealing and thorough insulation enhance the energy efficiency, indoor air quality and overall comfort of this elegant two-story retreat.

Ocean Vista Retreat
Building Design:
Eric Miller Architects
Rick Pharaoh

Rob Nicely

President & Partner

Rob studied art at the University of California, Davis and has been in the construction industry since 1980. His rare combination of technical expertise and artistic sensibility enables him to provide a unique and exceptional experience for clients. As president, Rob leads by example. He is dedicated to the highest standards of quality and customer service, and to using the latest techniques and technologies to create environmentally mindful homes.
Rob is a Certified Green Building Professional (Build It Green) and Certified Passive House Consultant (Passive House Institute). He has served on the Passive House California board of directors since January 2018. Over the years Rob has garnered several accreditations. He participates in a variety of advocacy efforts, all focused on improving the quality of homes that Carmel Building & Design produces and increasing the ecological sustainability of the building industry in general. In his leisure time, Rob enjoys sculpting and painting.