Asian Cottage

This was more than a remodel—it was a total transformation. Inspired by the owner’s vision, we took it from ordinary to exceptional. With a lot of creative thinking and drawing on our expertise, we clarified the owner’s wish list and found ways to craft a serene, Zen-like living space within her budget. As we often do, CBD found local resources for many of the special details that achieve the Asian aesthetic. Shoji screens allow the homeowner to set off or enlarge rooms with a simple draw of screens. A moon gate serves as a distinct boundary between driveway and home. A bamboo planter adorns the shower. Zero VOC finishes, wool carpeting, bamboo flooring, high-efficiency water heating, natural lighting and Energy Star appliances support healthy indoor air quality, energy savings, comfort and smart use of natural resources.

Design: Tobin Dougherty
Photos: Rick Pharaoh


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