Classic Craftsman Revival

This project is a great example of “deconstruction.” We took the house apart, redwood plank by redwood plank, then re-milled and reused it to create Craftsman style features—like the gorgeous staircase. Exterior overhangs, a common Arts and Crafts period strategy for taming the summer sun, set the tone for this classic beauty. Simple rafter tails and joists join with shingles and wall caps to achieve a pleasing repetition.

The complementary dental-pattern railing is crafted from rot-resistant, low-maintenance cedar. French doors unite indoors and out. Heat from the innovative gas fireplace is circulated into the room rather than escaping up the flue. The roomy kitchen was designed to invite participation and lend an open feel to the home.

Design: Robert Littell
Photos: Rick Pharaoh


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