Historic Home Renovation

Built in the 1920s, this home’s main floor had later been divided into many bathroom/bedroom combinations. There was ample evidence of a fire at some point in the past and the house was structurally unstable. CBD got this once historic home back in touch with its Craftsman roots, and made it viable for the next 100 years. We gutted the interior, created a new yet authentic design and crafted many of the elements ourselves. Conventional walls were framed inside the single-walled house to allow for wiring, pipes and insulation. What remained of the usable old growth redwood was salvaged, re-milled and reused. Preserving as much of the original house as possible, we added modern systems and reworked the spaces to make sense. Evergreen plantings and a dry-stacked stone wall were added to soften the square edges of the exterior and aid in its melding with the natural surroundings.

Design: Brian Congleton
Photos: Rick Pharaoh


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